Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday 17th October

We’re alive! J  Polly don’t be silly last night’s cooking was grand. We all went to bed feeling satisfied with a full tummy. We woke at 7:30 to a lovely breakfast provided by George and Liam. After breakfast we headed off to the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone. We set off in two groups, one on the bus and one walking. We arrived to another warm reception from the locals and were taken around be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide; Uncle Moses. We saw loads of chimps, some of which were very mischievous, they even rocks at us. Mr. Meally has decided to adopt a chimpanzee, how generous! On the way back we walked through traditional villages, we thought Mr. Mealy was going to dissolve walking uphill! In one village, we gave out bouncy balls and sweets much to the delight of the children. Arriving home we all jumped into the swimming pool and had a good game of Marco Polo. We’re looking forward to tonight’s entertainment provided by Polly and Sophie, we will reveal all tomorrow!

Tanki ya Anna and Liam