Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday 21st October

Sorry no pics today , will give you extra tomorrow

Dear bloggers,

Today has been another thrilling yet exhausting day!

The first to depart were those going to the J.T. Reffel. The morning consisted of half of us playing catch and other games with the 3 and 4 year olds. George sustained a slight injury (a grazed foot) when carrying two children down a slight drop. But don’t worry parents - the antiseptic cream worked a treat. Liam, who is more commonly known as Uncle Lion, has become the resident French teacher at the Reffel. The afternoon was filled with yet more hula hooping but this time with fifty-five 8 year olds. Eventually the day ended with a walk back to the Ballanta to meet the rest of the crew.

It was a leisurely morning at the Ballanta due to the scheduled ‘Shopping’ on the lesson timetables, which is actually scheduled for Saturday! Alice and Sophie, on the other hand, popped off to the local church to teach organ. Instead of just a handful of pupils they met a whole primary school to whom they gave an impromptu concert. After the usual lunch-break with a slight twist – nutella wraps – the Ballanta became livelier. Every room was full and there were various sessions, including a jazz improvisation group and a mass jamming session, that even the more musically challenged people joined in. Liam provided a wonderful 4-on-the-floor beat!

After the disastrous results of yesterday’s cooking (Alice and Anna have given ½ of us diarrhoea – but we’ll be fine), we hope tonight’s food will be more enjoyable and tonight’s concert goes swimmingly!


Gemma C & Rosie