Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday 19th October

Una kushe!
Slightly too early a start for the musicians this morning, with a radio interview at eight, much to the surprise of the broadcasters who weren’t anticipating our visit…! Anyhow, much as it would happen in England with the BBC they managed to squeeze us in, and congratulations to Rosie and Gemma for their radio singing debut, and to Polly for her evocative speech whilst being interviewed about “Following the dream”-quick thinking Polly, we all had the tissues out!
After our live a capella performance it was off to work, with the musicians heading back to the Ballanta and the (shall we say) more musically-challenged folk off to the JT Reffell school for hula-hooping and preparing for the school nativity. While days of the week were learnt in French, and juggling in P.E was taught, the musicians taught pupils of varying degrees of skill, ranging from those at diploma-level to those unable to read music, also managing to fit in an appearance on national television- oh yes, Sophie Gallagher’s claim to fame has finally come. Not restricted to classical music, Rosie and Iona found themselves teaching Jazz improvisation to giggling men, who found the idea of creating their own music a bit too much. However after a long session they vowed to lose their inhibitions and told them they’d be back everyday-what determination!
Today it was the non-musicians’ turn for their African Dance lesson, as it turns out they actually have rhythm too, consequently being offered a slot in Saturday’s concert-gee isn’t that annoying musicians!
At last, after 2 days of chasing paperwork, we finally have clearance to collect the computers from the port!
After an exhausting day we all headed back to the swamp, for more showers, more screaming card games and of course a moment of silence for our departed Mr Ladley – you’ll be missed (honest!). Now we’re off to eat the delightful product of Miss Mullins and Miss Arrowsmith’s cooking- who knows, maybe a game of Mafia is in stall for us all too…
Goodbye for now, Iona and Sorrel