Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wednesday 13th of February

We started off our day dropping Alex, Annie, Josh, Becca and Hatty off at Ballanta as they prepared to leave with some of their students to do a recording of our outreach concert. On the way to the recording studio they encountered a slight problem; a burst tyre.  Luckily, the guys had a spare tyre but unfortunately they didn't have a car jack! Finally, after half an hour, the infamous car jack arrived... But low and behold it was too small!! The band stopped a truck driving down the road and enquired as to whether the driver had a car jack! By this time, quite a crowd had gathered to watch the chaos and there was a serious amount of horn honking going on. Luckily the Ballanta students were able to tilt the car over into the road whilst the tyre was changed and did not require our assistance. At this stage an hour had passed and they were just on their way!

Meanwhile, the other half of the team; Elin, Roo, Mercedes, Jenny S, Jenny B and Izzy, set off to JT R
effel school full to the brim with paint, glitter, crayons, paper, balls, rackets and bats for the children. In the first hour we taught the primary school children. This turned out to be quite a handful for all three groups. The children were all so excited to see us and the things that we'd brought that they forgot to pay attention and went crazy! In sport, they played with the tennis bats we brought, and went wild. In art they made a mess with the paints and made friendship bracelets with Jenny S. In drama, they attempted a game of wink murder which was a challenge to understand and so they played pass the pebble, and grandmothers footsteps. 

In music, they sung Old McDonald that featured elephants and lions and played a game of splat that got out of hand! In the second hour we taught the secondary school, they were slightly more tame than the junior school. Drama and music merged together and the students played a massive game of splat and a vicious came of duck duck goose. They then taught us their African dance moves, and we danced to Gangnam style. In art, they painted different animals, and a boy called Noel Thomas gave his painting to Jenny S. In sport, they played some incredible football which blew Izzy and Mr. Meally away.

After JT the crew set off back to Ballanta to await the arrival of the new recording artists. Whilst we waited, we listened to some Ballanta students jam on the piano, drums, saxophone and sung. We were all blown away with their rhythm, their natural talent, and how flexible they were between instruments. Whilst the Ballanta team had to stay behind and teach the students who had booked afternoon lessons, the JT team headed back to the the pool, but they shortly followed us back.

Josh, struggling with the heat, instead of changing into his swimmers first decided to bomb into the swimming pool fully clothed. Later on, in an intense game of donkey, the aim of the girls was to get Josh out of the competition having won every game so far, and we succeeded. He was not happy. During the game, Mr. Meally made an elegant entrance into the pool by bombing on Izzy's head, and later on he judged Annie and Mercedes' intense hand stand competition.

We all enjoyed some homely pasta cooked by Mercedes and Jenny in the evening, followed by some rehearsals for our collaboration with the Ballanta musicians. Towards the end of the evening we had a group sing song with Josh on the guitar. A great group bonding session. To end the evening we're heading to Sloane Square to catch up on the antics of the day. All in all, a successful day.