Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Monday, 28th of October

We started the day in the normal way; we had breakfast while celebrating James's birthday. 

We then preceded to J.T Reffell for our last day of teaching which was emotional but gratifying to see how we had influenced the children. During the day at the school there was a football match between the senior boys and a local women's team, which was lead by Charlie.  While we were doing this, the musicians went to Ballanta for their last teaching day.

Once we had finished teaching for the day we performed a concert at the Lebanese international school in Freetown. We performed alongside the Ballanta band and we were generally well received although there were many requests for One Direction!

After a day of teaching and performing, we all returned back to "The Comfort Zone" to rest and relax before a small concert that evening for the house staff. This small concert was to show our appreciation for all they did for us during our stay. The performances went well, nearly everyone performed and it included a performance of Darcey's infamous 'Summertime' which was well received. 

Although James was unwell during the concert, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and he celebrated with his cake the next day.

Anna C & James