Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saturday, 26th of October

After an extra half an hour in bed (which was greatly appreciated!), we all set off for Tacugama, a chimpanzee sanctuary. The bus was filled with nervous laughter as our driver proceeded up the 1km, off-road, cliff edge, ascent and applause was given as we reached the top! 

The chimpanzee sanctuary itself was amazing - filled with peculiar sounds and dominating members of the pacts, it was certainly an interesting and hilarious experience!

We spent the afternoon at the pool, which was certainly a needed cool down! The time was spent with the Meally's translating our names into traditional Irish and many games of water polo!

After being in the pool for a good few hours, we went to the restaurant for a pizza which was a lovely change after eating pasta for a week!

Tomorrow we are going to Kitty from Ballanta's private beach, which we are all looking forward to!