Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sunday 23nd October

First thing in the morning the musicians and non-musicians split into two groups, to visit two separate church services. 

The musicians visited Buxton Church, where we'd rehearsed the day before. It began with the procession - "we are dancing in the light of God" - which we were invited to join in on. Near the end of the service we were given the opportunity to contribute, singing Amazing Grace as a group before playing two jazz pieces. We then joined in with their procession out, included in their singing and dancing as we had been on the way in! 

In the morning the non-musicians were lucky  enough to attend the proclamation service at The Zion on the hill church. Among the guests were the Sierra Leonian Minister of Tourism and culture and a spokesman for the President. The mixture of colourful song and prayer (with some serious political undertones) made for some interesting listening, which climaxed in the church being made a national monument of Sierra Leone by presidential proclamation. It was a fascinating experience to be exposed to such a contrasting way of worship. 

Afterwards we were invited to eat with many who came to the service and enjoy some traditional cuisine. Next we were taken to watch street performers - one thing we'll all definitely remember is one vibrant dancer who could somehow stomach eating sand!

Joe and Lindsey