Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thursday 27th October

We got up early and went to breakfast as usual, got on the bus and drove to Ballanta through the normal gridlocked traffic. The musicians did a short rehearsal of our jazz repetoire before our students arrived. Less teaching went on this morning as fewer students were there.  Some African dances were learnt however and performed later that evening to the rest of us. We also took a short trip to visit a local bakery and bought some very tasty jam tarts.

Today at JT Refell we started the day by teaching class prep 5 'A Sailor went to Sea' (moves and all). The children seemed to really enjoy the rhyme and they picked it up surprisingly quickly, culminating in them challenging even us for speed. This over excitement perhaps contributed to the ridiculous amount of glitter spread over the classroom in the next exercise. This involved the kids making their own sea animal and making them as colourful as possible.

The two groups then joined up and went to the Lebanese International School where we performed by ourselves and with Groovy Colours. Once again, a tune we have named James' Jam, improvised by Lindsey in a rehearsal, got everyone dancing, especially when Angus joined in. We left amid a storm of requests for photos and drove back to Ballanta to drop Goovy Colours off and visit the market.

The indoor markets were an an experience to remember.  We were immediately mobbed by vendors offering various bright shirts, trousers and accessories. After about an hour of bartering and browsing everyone had bought what they wanted (apart from Dillon) and we headed back to the hotel for a swim and much needed hit on the pipe.

Dillon and Freddie