Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Saturday 29th October

A late night on Friday meant that we decided not to physically partake in the so called fun run we were supposed tostart at 8.00. It didn't help that Augustin didn't show up with the bus until 7.58!  Instead most of us went for a leisurely beach walk along beautiful Lumley beach.  It was deserted and pretty cool by Salone standards and it turned out to be a beautifully unexpected treat for us.  Meanwhile after sloping into the post-Fun Run reception where certificates had been issued to the participants [hypocritically accepted by the Wells Walkers - Mr Meally interestingly changed gender by becoming Michelle Meally!] the Wells musicians performed a short concert at the Radison hotel, which was unfortunately hampered by sudden rain. 

Everyone then returned to our hotel for some much needed rest, some beginning the ominous task of packing! Unfortunately, such thoughts of departure made Verity, Lindsey and Hafren extremely nauseous indeed.  So while they recovered and caught some much needed sleep the rest of the team then visited a local orphanage, which many found extremely moving. just as we got in the door we were hit by the hardest and liongest rain shower we had seen to date since we got here.  Individuals from the team brought gifts and donations for the kids, including books pens and sweets. The interactions with the children included games and dancing, causing one kid to fall asleep in Angus' lap. One member of staff at the orphanage was a trumpet player and we were fortunate to hear a talented duet between him and Albert, accompanied by some of the children on a variety of percussion instruments. After this we returned to the hotel for a quick snack before preparation for the concert later on. 

In the evening we had our final concert, at the British Council. It started with some instrumental music from Groovy Colours and then Hafren, Bertie and Verity played in Ballanta's quintet who had been rehearsing all week. After playing a classical section we moved onto our jazz pieces and did our jamming with James for the last time. By this point we had really got to grips with the improvising (and dancing) and were sad that this was the last time playing with James and the rest of Groovy Colours. We then performed the African dance that we had been taught at Ballanta (which was met with some laughter!). Groovy Colours then performed another amazing set and the concert ended with a duet sung by Francesta and Hafren. After the concert we said goodbye to all the amazing people we met and worked with at Ballanta, which was very emotional. It was a great concert to end the trip with.

Rhodri and Verity