Sunday, 29 October 2017

Day 7: churched out.... but moved. Amen!

The day of “rest”... and so it was supposed to be! More like the day of religion. Going back to an early start we began the day with a strangely familiar style church service at St Charles church -  “The Canterbury of West Africa”... the only twist in the service was the performances of Annie on her cello, Katie on the harp and then a randiton of Blackbird by all the musicians. 

After a short but sweet pit stop at the hotel where we changed out of our formal clothes, we then headed to Basha’s Bakery and had a delicious lunch, including pizza, sandwiches and a sea of Coke. This was an opportunity for some to tuck into some meat with gusto and even to have ice cream for pudding! A treat indeed! 

The Don Bosco orphanage was our next stop for an incredibly memorable and moving experience. This orphanage is playing host at the moment for around 150 students, all of whom have been left orphaned or momentarily without their injured parents, by the recent mudslides. The orphanage provide them with a presence, a strong sense of community and a lot care. Our offer of gifts and food, as well as a donation made by Ms DA were all very well received. The musicians gave an enthusiastic performance of cheerful tunes including the world premiere of “The Grooooove”, composed by our very own Will and Chloe, a saxophone duet in its infancy. We finished the concert with all of us singing ‘Goodbye it’s time to go’, although we were nowhere near ready to go! We all then had the chance to meet and chat with the kids and of course the boys started a sweaty football match. This trip ended with Will not being allowed to leave, being held back by his new best friends.

Our final stop for the day was Evensong at the St George’s Cathedral- apparently the best all boys choir in town. They were singing ‘Hymn of Praise’ by Mendelssohn. Having arrived 15 minutes early for the service we had the chance to look at the plaques around the building and cool off by the fans. Alex’s Great Great Grandfather (God bless his soul) was Canon of this Cathedral. Sadly we had to leave after a brisk hour and a half so Pip and Chloe finished it for us with a hymn in the bus. Luckily we were blessed from God with a hearty plate of vegetable curry and a bed for the night.  

Leila and Will  

The highlights today? The resilience of young people in the face of adversity, seeing the smiles of some of the small children when Will demonstrated the sounds made a saxophone, a young boy asking Mr Coward to teach him to sing Blackbird and of course the football match! A sport which transcends cultural barriers and let people of different backgrounds come together and be alive...and very sweaty! 
Another great day, full or praise for the team! 

Over and out for now- JDA