Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25th October

After an incredible day at Kitty’s beach yesterday and a delicious Fish Curry provided by Simon and Mark from IMATT (who seem to have won the votes in our week of ‘Come Dine with Me’), we woke and spent a relaxing morning in the Swamp. At midday the musicians went off to record a programme for SLBC television whilst the others had a little more retail therapy time in the markets. When we arrived at the Broadcasting centre we were informed that the programme was going to be live on television which was definitely not what we were expecting. However this being Sierra Leone, luckily, it was changed during the 10 second countdown to being recorded instead of live!
The concert this evening went well and was much better attended than the previous night. Our last rendition of ‘Lean on Me’ (the theme tune to this trip) was very much appreciated and the audience were on their feet clapping in the last chorus!
Tonight we are off to
Sloane Square
(the army mess) to say our farewells to all the lovely IMATT people who have made our stay so perfect, and tomorrow we will go to Ballanta and JT Reffell to say goodbye. We are sure that it will not be long before we are all back in Freetown. Here’s to a safe journey and we are all grateful for such a fantastic trip. Mr Meally will sign us off tomorrow.

And finally, don’t worry Mr Ladley….. our guard is still up!

Nain dat