Sunday, 24 October 2010

Today we left the confines of Freetown to explore the countryside, spending the day relaxing on Kitty’s private beach, in the middle of what appeared to be nowhere. The water was warm and Wells played football against the Ballanta, only losing due to Mr Yates’ and Mr Meally’s unfortunate injuries- at least a WCS sports team had a decent excuse for losing this time! We were all handed out freshly chilled coconuts with straws, and Sophie organised a traumatising game of Assassins which, unfortunately, George won. After some serious sunbathing and card playing- Johanna, Sorrell and Mr Meally invented ‘Talcum Snap’, which will have taken over the world in a few years time- we bade farewell to Kitty, thanked her for everything that she had done for us, and set off in our different directions for home.

The minibus, less suited to the roads (which, quite frankly, were one big pothole) took half of the group to the Cultural Village, where we handed out hula hoops, juggling balls, toothbrushes and clothes to the African dancers who lived there. This was the most moving part of the trip for many people. The other half were taken by Mark and Simon, senior IMATT staff, by Range Rovers for a drive around the peninsula, travelling through mountains, jungle and villages- this was spectacular scenery as well as a chance to see what rural African life is like. On the way, we stopped off to see a secluded hotel resort, where a baby crocodile was kept on a leash in their small lagoon. We all shrunk about an inch each due to the rollercoaster terrain- an inch that some of us certainly can’t afford to lose…

We are looking forward to Mark’s renowned fish curry this evening and giving the IMATT staff presents from Wells- we’re sure they will beat the football top signed by David Beckham in the bar!