Sunday, 24 October 2010

Saturday 23rd October

Sorry for the late post… the internet is slightly more temperamental than it is in England for some reason.
We started the day with a long awaited lie in, leaving at 10o’clock for the markets. Once we arrived we knew it was going to be an experience in itself; the Sierra Leoneans aren’t shy when it comes to trying to sell their goods! We had two major techniques within our group whilst at the markets when it came to bartering; the style George Killen took up most readily was the “I’m not going above 10” (then walking away until they gave it to him), whereas the contrasting Mr Meally approach was to simply pay the price they quoted. Maybe the more generous (but LAZY) approach to shopping. We were centre of attention in the market, and simply driving away was definitely one of the challenges of the day. After spending all our parents’ money (cheers…!), we headed off for lunch down by the beach once again. We then had time for one final market before heading to the British Council for the debut performance of Wells Cathedral African Dancers (plus a few musical performances), with Miss Arrowsmith, Mr Meally, and Mr Yates leading the way with their “incredible” sense of rhythm. Dinner was surprisingly good last night- a big thanks to Gemma for the food, and a little thanks to George and Liam for setting the table. Good job guys…
Oh, and for the record…. Alice and Anna did not give anyone food poisoning, it was just unfortunate timing which the boys over exaggerated. Adios amigos!