Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday 25th October

Early start for both musicians and non-musicians.

JT Reffell: We arrived at the school and were instantly greeted with smiles and waves by the hundreds of children and staff. We felt immediately welcomed into their everyday lives and were first introduced to the younger years. We got stuck in straight away and they taught us traditional children songs and we taught themmany of our childhood classics; it was obviously exciting as one poor boy even wet himself! Seeing happy childrenin such cramped conditions was an eye opener for all of us to experience and it didn't take long before we were attached to these remarkable people. As this was our first day, we spent most of our time getting to know them and our new surroundings before the more structured lessons start tomorrow. We all found the teaching style fascinating as the students had such a high level of obedience in such huge class numbers. Today was such a great experience and it excites us all that this it only the beginning! We can't wait for tomorrow!

Ballanta Academy: We had an hour to claim a room and cram in a bit of practice before our students came for lessons at 10. We also took the opportunity to have a short wander around the town with Mr Ladley as ourknowledgeable guide. The locals were happy to chat with us while we walked past, making us feel even more at home in the country. As we got back we realised how our reputation obviously precedes us, because the waiting room was full of students. The students are all so eager to learn from us, which made every lesson rewarding and enjoyable for both student and teacher. When the time came to leave, we were reluctant but glad to have a rest after our hard work. Next up was the concert at LimountCollege, before which the principal talked to us about the school's foundation and some of its staff. The concert went well for our first attempt, and we were treated afterwards to a showcase of the college's own musical talent with 3 recorder players and a choir. We were then given a tour around the school in order to visit the 1stform pupils, where one of the kids started rapping and the rest of us all joined in with some sick beats! More musical endeavors to come tomorrow!