Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wednesday 26th October

Today we returned to the Ballanta, there was much traffic on our way in so we changed our route in getting there around nine o'clock. It was less busy for me today, however they were giving up to eight lessons. When we got to the Ballanta we started by just playing through the pieces for the concert in the afternoon, after which we started teaching at around ten. I had three students, my first was one from out of town, he wanted to be able to sight read better, we started with some easy jazz stuff and progressed to a duet that I told him to learn for tomorrow. My next student victor, who I also taught yesterday, we picked up with what I taught him the previous day which he played back impressively well, we moved on to more rhythmic jazz which he coped with competently. My final student, was more interested in classical music so I put a grade 5 piece in front of him which he found easy, so I hope to work withhim more over the next week.
Afterwards we drove to meet the rest of the team at the JT Reffell, where we had a concert to a mass of shouting children, the concert lasted for 1 hour and consisted of some jazz from Owain, Winlow and I, as well as the entertainer from jasmine, a trio from cristine, Vivian and Owain. They loved it!

Today was our first proper day at JT Reffell. We were again welcomed with smiles and waves from children and staff. We then split into three groups, teaching art, drama and sport. For the sports lesson we took some of the children to the courtyard outside the fire station and introduced them to their first game of hockey. It was really hard to control them once we gave them the hockey stick as they were running wild around the courtyard! Once we managed to regain control, we set up some simple training and many of them seemed like naturals. We finished the lesson with a proper match which was great to watch as they were really getting stuck in and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.