Monday, 11 February 2013

Sunday 10th February

After our long day yesterday, we were grateful for the lie-in this
morning! We had breakfast, were briefed by the IMATT nurse and then
set out for the slums of Congo Town. Our fragile English bodies aren't
yet used to the claustrophobic heat and humidity so the stuffy minibus
is a challenge every journey. When we arrived, we were greeted by so
many smiley faces and kids eager for music and sweets. Despite the
overwhelming poverty everyone looks so happy and healthy, especially
when singing along to Alex , Josh and Mercedes' guitar-ing. The mini
lap-harp proved a hit with the children, as were the Maoams and
Haribo, which both Mercedes and Annie were attacked for! Then we
departed for lunch at Lumley Beach which turned out to be an
interesting affair... Most of us decided on the very adventurous
choice of pizza, but after finding out that were was no pizza and
waiting for most of the afternoon for our food, we were presented
with a variety of food, most notably Jenny's chicken 'kiev'. Back to
the pool then to give Alex his first swimming lessons and he vastly
improved his doggy-paddle. We enjoyed a delicious meal from The
Meallys and Miss Brooks and are now looking forward to our first day
teaching (hopefully!) tomorrow.

An afternote: we are currently all squished onto one sofa whilst the
teachers are out in Salone Square. We've had two powercuts so far and
were conveniently talking about horror films just before. The
residents in Congo Town can probably hear us screaming.